About Us

Laws In Motion was begun by Macenzy Daggy in 2012 with the aim of bettering flawed product design. 
Growing up, Macenzy Daggy had an early life experience with manufacturing working in the printing industry. Being around and fixing these machines helped equip him with the mechanical skills necessary to design and create innovative products. Beginning in 2007, Mac has been working with a small engineering firm machining parts for major defense contractors. In 2012 Mac found himself competing on a team in the Southwest CrossFit Regionals in Denver, Colorado. During this time, Mac was still using plastic jump ropes, many of them imported, and frequently replacing them. 
Observing that most competitive athletes were using the same plastic injection molded jump ropes, Mac decided to use his machining skills to create an all-metal speed jump rope. Mac wanted to produce a speed rope that not only improved product design, but was manufactured in America. Shortly after the CrossFit Games, Laws In Motion was formed with those goals in mind. The first batch of jump ropes were manufactured in January of 2013. Since that time the ropes have generated tremendous interest.