Why should I spend $49.99 on a Laws In Motion jump rope? 

QUALITY. Our all metal jump ropes are individually CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, 303 stainless steel and 360 brass. The machine time associated with making quality handles one at a time, as opposed to injection molding hundreds of parts simultaneously, makes production costs much higher. Additionally, during assembly, two metal-shielded alloy ball bearings "sandwich" a flange in the handle left during the machining process eliminating axial movement of the bearings. These components are then secured with a stainless steel lock-nut and a high-strength permanent thread compound.........we think you get the point.


Will your jump rope help me get double-unders? 

Mastering double-unders can be very challenging so we cannot give you any guarantees in this area. However, we can assure you that once you have achieved them, our rope will enhance your performance. 


How long will this jump rope last? 

As long as the jump rope is treated appropriately and used for the purpose it is designed, it will last as long as your legs. 


I accidentally dropped a heavy barbell on my jump rope, can I get it replaced? 

No. We do not warranty abuse or misuse of the rope, but we would be happy to sell you another rope. 


Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes. Purchasing 5-9 items qualifies for a 5% discount and 10 or more items a 10% discount. Contact us for more information on obtaining a discount code for bulk purchases.


How do you calculate shipping?

We have chosen to use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping. Due to limited customization of the shipping we have attempted to minimize shipping costs for multiple items.


Are you planning on making any additional products? 

Yes. Laws In Motion has a continuing interest in creating innovative products to the world of physical fitness.